Hi there! I hope you can say, like me, “I love my own hair,” and truly mean it when you say it.

From newscaster to The Natural Hair Diva – my name is Keisa Sharpe - Johnson. Welcome to our site - and you can see, I like making videos!!! I just believe our natural hair lifestyle should be celebrated, so let's do so in royal fashion.
I’m on a quest to help you care for and love your natural hair. My personal transition has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. No one else possesses my or your style or unique hair texture — so that makes us designer’s originals!
I absolutely love to write about what I've learned on this natural hair journey and I pray you will find it as a source of motivation and continued inspiration. I've been hanging in five years strong, but I know from my personal experience, dealing with "hair" day in and out can also be a source of frustration from time to time, especially in its natural state.
I want you to be encouraged and continue on the journey. Check in on this site from time to time and let me know how I can help you. Happy Trails Divas!

Featured Articles

grapeseed oil2

You might want to consider using grapeseed oil

If you want hair growth, or have experienced hair loss, you may want to consider using grapeseed oil. It is known to increase blood circulation and applied to that area, it can have noticeable results. But that's not all. This oil is not just for help with your natural hair, but I wanted to include it because its overall health benefit is pretty stellar. Read this article on the amazing … [Read More...]

castor oil

Castor oil’s many uses

It has to be one of my favorite oils and I must say I was pleasantly surprised to learn about some of its benefits. Castor oil on my skin or hair produces some beautiful results. Its thick and emolient texture makes me feel purely blissful just to touch it. But did you also know it could treat a common skin ailment? Yep, read on for instructions on how to hheal a common ailment. … [Read More...]

olive oil 3

Need we even discuss the benefits of olive oil?

The benefits of olive oil have long been revered. But if I asked you to name them, can you? I thought not. So, maybe it's time for a refresher on the benefits of this all powerful oil for hair and body. I use it in my all natural All Shea Naturals body product. I use it on my hair and scalp. And there are times I use it solely on my body. Check out this article as a reminder on its many … [Read More...]


How much do you know about jojoba oil?

When I think of jojoba oil, I automatically think about its benefit for my hair. But do you know what other uses this rich oil has? In an effort to educate us on its benefits, I pulled some information on how it can be used. Now, this only scratches the surface and is in no way a cumulative listing. Do your own research to find out the pros and cons of this product. In this natural hair … [Read More...]