Hi there! I hope you can say, like me, “I love my own hair,” and truly mean it when you say it.

From newscaster to The Natural Hair Diva – my name is Keisa Sharpe - Johnson. Welcome to our site!!! I believe our natural hair lifestyle should be celebrated, so let's do so in royal fashion.
I’m on a quest to help you care for and love your natural hair. My personal transition has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. No one else possesses my or your style or unique hair texture — so that makes us designer’s originals!
I absolutely love to write about what I've learned on this natural hair journey and I pray you will find it as a source of motivation and continued inspiration. I've been hanging in five years strong, but I know from my personal experience, dealing with "hair" day in and out can also be a source of frustration from time to time, especially in its natural state.
I want you to be encouraged and continue on the journey. Check in on this site from time to time and let me know how I can help you. Happy Trails Divas!

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How to Rock a Head Band

There is something to be said about switching up your routine. So, as we are officially in a "new season," I thought I'd give you some ideas on how to rock a headband (if you aren't already). Take a look at some of these simple, yet elegant, styles in this easy-to-follow tutorial. Enjoy! … [Read More...]


My 5 step plan to gorgeous hair!

My routine for caring for my natural hair involves five easy steps that you can incorporate the next time you clean your tresses. Pre-condition - I have been loving the effects of Organic Root Stimulator's Hair Mayonaisse on my tresses. I also add castor oil to my hair during this process and if I really want to deep condition, I sit under the dryer for a few minutes. Conditioner wash - … [Read More...]

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Confessions a of a naturalista: a hilarious look inside the life and purse of the natural hair diva, Part I

  One thing I can say about myself - when I'm in, I'm all in. I have been natural now for more than 5 years and all you have to do is check my life and my purse for a true look at how I'm living.  Yep, I said my purse. I decided to spring clean some purses inside my closet (sure I'm late but who cares) and oh the joys of finding lost goodies! So if you had to guess, what would you think … [Read More...]


Is it time to change your hair styling routine?

Okay, I can see you nodding your head right now...change is not a favorite topic for many people. But, I have one example that could help you re-examine your previously-held beliefs regarding styling your own hair. My past salon experiences caused me to desire NOT to go to any salon. But... change comes to us all...lol! I recently went to the hair salon and allowed Darrius Peace to style my … [Read More...]

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This still isn’t just about hair…

I can truly say.... The natural hair journey has had its ups and downs and twists and turns some five years into this...but I still say just as loudly as ever - this isn't just about your or my hair. It is an emotional journey, forcing us to deal with ourselves at the very core of existence. Our hair intricately defines us...and we just "feel" better when it "looks" better. If I have an off … [Read More...]


Is Sulfur 8 really helpful for natural hair?

Fortunately I've learned to never say never.  Because, after all, who'd think I'd be writing a post on how much I enjoyed using Sulfur 8 as a naturalista? Turns out, whereas we've mainly known it's hair and scalp oil, they've recently updated their line to include natural hair products - for locs, twists and braids. I was recently having some "scalp issues, with lots of itching and based on my … [Read More...]

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Check out our makeover!

Every now and then, we all need to make a change... both personally and professionally. That time has come for us at I Love My Own Hair to freshen up our image and upgrade our style and renew our message. We have new product labels for All Shea Naturals that you can see to the left. The same great ingredients are there - Shea, olive, castor, coconut and Vitamin E oils along with Aloe Vera. … [Read More...]