Ask the Diva — My Dry Hair Needs Help!

 Stop me! This hair is about to dry me to a texturizer or bodywave or something!!!! It is dry and won’t develop a wave pattern.”

I would recommend a sulfate-free shampoo and I’d shampoo no more than twice monthly and focus on deep conditioning and moisturizing. Add natural oils to your hair daily…olive, castor or sweet almond. Invest in Shea butter and use this with the oils to apply to your hair daily. Shea butter is a staple for me as it softens my hair like none other. Also, before you shampoo, add a generous amount of Shea butter and your favorite oil(olive,castor,sweet almond) and sit under the drier with a plastic cap for about 30 minutes. Or do a plastic cap with no drier for two hours. This is a Pre-poo conditioning treatment; you can do this each time you get ready to shampoo to build up your hair.

One other option…use a conditioner wash on your hair instead of shampoo. I use VO5 moisture milks…some people use Suave or Garnier. You may have to experiment. But using this like a shampoo allows your hair to be moisturized consistently…infact, this is what I prefer to do rather than shampoo. My hair, which is somewhat dry, loves to be treated to this!!!!

Follow this…give about two months…and your hair will respond beautifully. Now you may need a little time to find the right product mix, but Google info on natural dry hair and you’ll get plenty of recommendations.

I have an e-book on Amazon Kindle….”An Easy Natural Hair Care Guide” which also has easy tips to follow.


  1. Listen to the Diva! Moisture is Key to healthy, manageable natural hair. Make sure to mix water with your oils in a spray bottle for spritzing in between shampoos to freshen and add moisture. Conditioning and sealing with an oil or shea butter based cream is extremely important. Secondly, use products with the least amount of harsh chemicals. Over time, chemicals can dry the hair and slow the absorption of moisture to the shaft. Whatever you do, give it time. Finding the right products, the regimen, and what your hair likes, is like finding the right partner.

    Happy Tresses 🙂

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