Featured Diva Owns “Natural” Beauty


Award-winning actress Viola Davis of “The Help” in all of her natural beauty at a recent Hollywood awards show.

What or who sets a beauty standard? And what or who determines what defines “good hair?” Do we lean to Hollywood’s idea of what is beautiful, even though that image is about as predictable as it comes — a woman’s beauty often translates into long flowing hair.

I LOVE what I saw recently from Viola Davis, award-winning actress of “The Help.” She recently stepped out, at the urging of her husband, in her natural teeny weeny afro. Now, Hollywood was quick to throw salt on her new do, but Viola won a personal victory in my opinion. Darn the critics. Darn the comfort zone. Yes to me, my hair and my beauty…on my own terms. In my book, that’s victory because that was my path.

No, it wasn’t as dramatic as a Hollywood red carpet walk. But I did have to confront the traditional standard of beauty and professionalism in Corporate America. I chose me…not in a disrespectful or derogetory way…but I stepped into my authenticity, and I haven’t looked back.

Sure, not everyone has bought into that image for Viola Davis, me, you or countless other natural beauties. But eventually they will. We must own our standard before anyone else will…because really, it’s not about the hair. It’s really about owning your true roots…which is groundbreaking in and of itself for many of us. Viola inspired me at this leg of the journey and I sure needed inspiration.

Thanks Viola, our featured diva, and thanks to countless others of you who continue on your natural hair journey each day!


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