I’m so grateful for these people

I have some awesome people in my corner. And these are people whom God has entrusted to me this season.

They are my team members for Birmingham’s Top Natural Models amd International Natural Hair Meetup Day, and I am grateful for them.

For more information or to purchase tickets, go to Topnaturalmodels.com.  To enter the model free of charge in round one, all Birmingham area living or working citizens should send a picture and brief bio to [email protected].

imageI’m realizing that nothing great happens without employing a team. I’m talking the really big ventures which leave a lasting impact.

People bring different strengths, skill sets and ideas to the table that no one person possesses alone. And when it all comes together, it’s a beautiful symphony orchestra of production. Much like a classical piece of music – the end result will be beautiful.

Anither great thing about this effort is when you host these types of meet ups, it helps satisfy a major need most naturals have for fellowship, encouragement and products and information.

So, hats off to the team (and believe me, this is not all who will help):

  • Gigi Beasley, The Director
  • Joseph Hardy, The Makeup Artiste and Pageant Director
  • Wawu Young, The Stylist and Finale Preps coordinator
  • Tashonna Reese, They Stylist
  • Taneka Gillard, The Advisor
  • Sheena Moore, The Fashion Show Director 
  • Robin Smith-Ato, The Stylist
  • Alecha Rice, The Stylist
  • Yogi Dada, The Artist
  • Nahbila Thames, The Judge
  • Eunice Elliott, The Emcee
  • Goldie Williams, The Natural Hair Stylist
  • Kelly J/Natural Girls Rock The VIP guest
  • Darrius Peace, The Natural Hair Stylist
  • Kim Jones, The Photographer
  • Stanley Parrish, The Photographer

imageThere was a time I’d have gone this alone, but not now. I will lean on my team, and look forward to the dynamic results that only it can yield.

It’s not major, but it’s a sprout of inward growth that brings a smile to my face.

You see, in the words of one of my great mentors, life is made to be played full out. Lisa Nichols encourages me to stretch. Dream big. Do more. I believe I can because she believes I can.

What are you and I waiting for?

This isn’t the time to hold back. It’s time to move full speed ahead.

I’m giving you full permission. Where can you press go in your life?

I’d love to hear from you @ [email protected]




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