My journey in pictures

imageimageEvery now and then, I like to feature some pictures which show where I am and where I’ve been.
Come, journey with me back in time.

I’ll begin right with the latest pic of me with my jumbo twists leading into spring and go back a few months. I felt like a bear coming out of hibernation with this look. It was smoking (I’ve taken it down now) and maintenance free. But, since my hair loves moisture, keeping it pinned up longer than a week can create issues.

Next up, I’ll call this style my ever constant love. If you’ve read ANY of my posts…you know this has to be none other than my love affair with the two strand twist out…

When it’s all over with and done, it gives me the look of a soft fro.

Keisa hand in hair 2This is one of my favorite pics from a recent session with photographer Kim Jones – totally unscripted. Me doing what I do best – PLAYING IN MY HAIR! These are what I call my #bosschic photos – I need a professional head shot with various speaking engagements I have and such. What an eye she has, catching me doing what I adore.

Then, rewind a few months, and there was the affair that I had with my wigs this winter. In fact, the bond was so strong, I found it hard to break up with them this spring (he he). For a minute, I contemplated moving into a long term affair… but I came to my senses sadly – I MEAN gladly!

me in a wig 2From my Beyonce wig… which makes me feel Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s alter ego), to the Kardashian look I loved…to blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe… I changed my wigs more than Clark Kent while trying to save the world as Superman! Whew!!! And loved every minute of it:

I tried new styles I wouldn’t have ordinarily been interested in…

I was able to do color effortlessly…and really liked the result…

It allowed me to see myself in a whole new light and look.

Keisa 01252014Conservative Keisa was out the door – if only for a day – and she was replaced by this daring, risk-taking diva.


But because I work Monday thru Friday in a corporate setting I think it plays fairly well that conservative Keisa outweigh the risk taker, at least Monday through Friday.

Because I still have the wigs…and wigs with color…and wigs with their own personality. And they – the wigs – can come out any time they darn well please.

(inserts evil grin)

Happy Trails DIVAS!!!











Let’s just say I’ve had lots of fun transitioning with my looks. As I type this story, guess what look I’m preparing tomorrow? You got it – old faithful – the two strand twists. And I make no apologies. I really like the way this style looks.

Happy Trails Divas!!!

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