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My name is Keisa Sharpe-Johnson, I am The Natural Hair Diva.  I work as a corporate spokesperson by day and natural hair guru and motivator at night.

My mission is simple: I write in vivid detail about my own personal experience and I want to educate, motivate and inspire all women to accept their own hair along the natural hair journey. Join me as I boldly declare that I LOVE MY OWN HAIR.


This journey began in March ’09 after a salon mishap; a stylist mistakenly left chemical relaxer on my scalp. Turns out that mistake was the open door to one of the most exciting times of my life.

I have yet to arrive, but this journey is arming me each day with information that I can share to help you. Be encouraged in your journey. I’m here to help you. Take a look at my site, let me know what you’d like to see and drop me a line.

Happy Trails, natural divas!


  1. I want to know a good product to use on the nature hair. I lost my hair with cancer and I have gone from braids, wigs and now the natural. This has been a difficult situation and I am having problems finding something good to use. It has been two years since I had any chemical in my hair but somedays it is really bad. I want to stay with this I just want some ideas on a good product

    • Evelyn, I am hosting a seminar March 27 at the Homewood Library, starting at 2:30 pm. I will have professional stylists there who can help. Please consider coming out. I can also can also refer you to some stylists. Let me know what works for you. Thanks!!!

  2. LISA FINLEY says:

    Keisa, I am interested with going natural and I ‘ m loving your hair ! Who is your stylist ? I’m so ready for a transformation with my own natural hair. I am going to make it my business to attend that workshop on the 27th of this month ! By the way I seen your article in JET this morning Party Over hair. LOVED IT !!

    • I do my own hair!!! But I have heard so many good things about this young lady by the name of Sheena Moore…I’m going to see her Tuesday. Her number is 332-2010. Darrius Peace is another stylist who does a fantastic job on natural hair. He’s at 422-5303.

      Thanks so much….God is AWESOME!!!

  3. I ejoyed your article in Jet. I live in Northern California and love my hair; sisterlocks. Will you ever host a workshop in my area?

    • I would love to — have you or anyone else ever organized a workshop and what community are you in?
      Thanks for reading and writing!

  4. jennifer malloy says:

    hi keisa,
    my name is jennifer and i have been natural for about 9 years. i love my hair, right now it is long, but i really wish it was shorter. That is something i really strive for. This is really a great movement for natural hair women and i thank you so much keisa for bringing this to us.

  5. Yvonne Miles says:

    Read the article in Jet. Was elated, but I’m have some serious issues with keeping my natural hair looking it’s best. First of all I’m deployed to Iraq and have no way of attnending one f you sessions. In the meantime I’d like to know whish products to use to keep my hair looking good. The way it looks and the effort it takes to comb it makes me want to use chemicals or cut it all off. I do love my hair and I’d like to sport it naturally.

    What ever advice you may provide would greatly appricated.


    Sista in Locks

  6. hello diva i love your web blog and hope to attend your workshop soon i’m not a naural hair diva yet but i have not chemical permed my own hair in over 15 yrs. so in saying that i would like to keep my options open but what i’m interested in is the healthy hair tips and i do wear wigs but i love my hair i love hairstyles and i do workshops on fashion thru out the city and other cities as well i have monthly girl or women socials on my own i’ve had several that i can tell you about later i would like to know if you would do a workshop for us small women mature all in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s in the future i ‘m going to try and come to one of your workshops real soon hope to meet you and i’m inspired by you you are beautiful regardless of HAIR but since we are talking hair i like to inspire women on being themselves and being fashionable with accessories or whatever makes us smile….. just being beautiful i joined you on twitter too thanks you rock !! 🙂 bb

  7. Keisa,

    I had the pleasure of attending your seminar today at the Homewood Public Library. It was truly one of the most uplifting and positive experiences I have ever had. The spirit of love, sisterhood (and brotherhood), and just overall unity for such a much needed affirmation of our unique and rich culture was overwhelming. I left inspired in a way that I cannot explain. What you are doing is beyond powerful and phenomenal; it is truly divine. Have you ever held a seminar in Tuscaloosa, AL? If not, would you consider doing so? In the meantime, best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

  8. Keisa,

    My friend met you the other day at the Wal-Mart down from our house. She is natural and I just recently did my big chop. We love your site!!! My parents actually know you and believe it or not, you and I live in the same neighborhood!! I would love to talk to you about hair care. When will you be hosting another seminar?

  9. Keisa,

    I heard about you from the Jet Magazine article – I had recently done a hair seminar on March 5th here in New York and one of my attendees saw the article and told me about it. My next seminar is schedule for April 16th. I have a passion about caring for my natural hair and have found that there are a lot of women who what or have natural hair but don’t have the time to do the research or gather information. I would love to chat with you and share information and find out what you do as a follow-up to your seminars. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.


  10. Lakeisha says:

    Hi Keisa!

    I have really been giving much thought and prayer about going natural. I’m 34 years old and have been wearing wigs and weaves for years because I have really fine, thin hair and am really thin on the top of my head. All of it is due to hormone levels and will probably never grow back. I’ve been inspired by reading your article in Jet Magazine and by now coming to your blog but I have no idea where or how to start. How can I read about your journey from Day 1? Any information you can share, websites, blogs etc would be SO APPRECIATED! Thank you for being there for us!

  11. Theresa Horace says:

    Hi Keisa:

    just read your article in Jet magazine, and was interested in the idea of hosting a hair party. I have been back and forth on the decision to go natural, but have not put any chemicals in my hair in about six months. It has been difficult with the hair loss, etc., but I’m determined to make it to the summer when I will cut the rest of the permed hair off and start experimenting. I live in the Atlanta area. Could you give me some information about hosting a hair party and/or any products I may want to try? My hair is not naturally curly, it’s just plain old nappy, and my fear is that going natural will be extremely difficult for me. Any suggestions? Are you hosting any events in Atlanta?

    • Wow…there’s so much you can do with your hair… don’t be discouraged. I will reach out via email so we can talk options. Thanks for reading and reaching out to me:)

  12. Evon Drake says:

    Keisa, you rock!

    Thank you so much for offering the seminar on Sunday. I will have to catch the next one-it’s SOLD OUT! What a coup!

    I’ve been natural since chemo. I enjoy doing my own hair. It is quiet time with I get to spend on me, with me. I am encouraged every day. Just by walking around with my natural hair, other women are inspired. The icing is when my brother notices and comments-always respectful and sweet!

    Thank you for sharing your beauty. I’ll watch out for the next gathering.

  13. S. Walker says:

    Keisha will there be a charge for the Gadsden event?

  14. Dee Woods says:

    Hey Keisa:

    Keisa I love your hair and your site” thenaturalhairdiva “. I am going natural and have not had a perm since August 2011. Please help me on journey and let me know when you will have another event, I would love to attend.. I read the article in Jet and really enjoyed it.

    Thank you Keisa

  15. hey keisa,

    Keisa I have been natural for a year, I wear a hard hat daily at work by the end of the day my hair is soaking wet. I wash my hair every 2days because of sweat. My hair is short and I have lost the texture of my hair,it is very coarse ,I don’t know if I made thr right decision.What do u suggest ? or how do i get my texture back?

  16. Hi Keisha,

    Please give me a call regarding being an educator for an all natural hair show in Mississippi in June. Lets talk!


  17. Hi Kesia,
    I stumble on your site but I received some great information about natural hair care. I started natural after realizing the chemicals were part of the reason my hair was thinning. I wanted to ask is there anyway I can get spiral curls. I like your hair with the yellow dress. I want my hair curl like that all over with the curls individual. I used the ecko gel and taliah waajid which curled my hair but some spots did not curl as well. I will try to use rods. Do you think that will work?

    • Two strand twists are my style routine for curls/waves. Hair trains really well…so if you do it often enough…the better your hair will curl. Success to you! I use Ampro or EcoStyler gel and/or BB FO wrapping lotion (purchase at Dollar General).

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