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If you have questions about styling your natural hair or feature ideas, I’d love to hear from you! [email protected]

Plus, if you’d like for me to come speak at your seminar about my natural hair journey, drop me a line below.


  1. Hi Keisa,

    Will you be hosting any events this year in Tampa,Fl?


  2. Keisa:

    I just read the article in Jet, and really enjoyed it.
    How exactly is your hair styled in your professional picture (pictured on your website). Twists? I really love the look and yes, I am really wrestling with going natural. I have a corporate job, it’s a public position.



    • I do have twists — two strand twists. If I can give you some encouragement, just write me. I wrestled with it as well, but finally took the plunge!!!
      Thanks for writing Kim~

      • I recently started loosing hair due to a medical treatment. It was really devastating for me. I have always had long thick hair, but relaxed for years and years. I am really torn as the hair loss is in patches but my natural hair seems to be growing in those areas. I’m battling with a half natural super short and half relaxed long hair. I don’t know what to do. Trying to transition but still loosing hair. Should I just do the big chop? I am really scared about how I would look with no hair or a little natural hair. I am a professional in marketing and PR so I have to be seen. Really broken up about the entire situation but I know I need to be strong and move on from this state of limbo. Help please!!!

  3. I am from Gadsden, AL, and I’m planning a summer fashion show featuring models with natural hair. I would also like to feature new clothing lines created by black designers in Alabama. I have a local group performing with a live band, and a young lady who has created her own natural hair product line. Is there any way that you could help me advertise my event, or do you have any advice that may help with my event? I have held a Natural Hair Forum here, and would like to have another one. Would you be interested in speaking? Do you have a speaking fee? I really want to help educate the women in Gadsden who are new to natural hair, or are interested in making the change. I hope to hear back from you soon.


    • Hi Frances!!! I applaud your effort to educate women in this arena…would love to help you. I just need to know the date of your event to check my calendar!
      I’ll inbox you:)

  4. Hello Keisa.I read your article in jet magazine.Loved it. been going natural for almost two years. However I really don’t know how to style my hair.I also haven’t been natural for years. My niece and sister has taken the journey also.I would love for you to come to Baltimore.Contact me so we can see if we can arrange it. I think what your doing is great. You have already insipired me with your story.By the way loved your hair in the article. Look to here from you soon.
    Thank You,

  5. Nicole Snow says:

    Hey Miss Keisa!!!! I would love to host a I Love My Hair party. I’m in Detroit where the weaves and wigs reign supreme!!!! There are a lot of ladies here who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of struggling with their hair. I am at the front of that line! I have soft spongy hair-can’t perm it, night sweats-waste of time trying to press it. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!! Please contact me with any and all the information I need to pull this off. PLEASE HURRY!!!!

    • Hey Nicole!!! I’d love for you to email me more details. What’s your time frame? I will email you with additional questions.

    • Alesia L.R. says:

      I too am in Detroit and I feel you on the Supreme Reign of the Weave and Wig. I am natural but I do like to play with the wig from time to time like almost any girl. So I would say don’t fight the feeling just don’t be a slave to it. I have that soft spongy hair that didn’t perm/relax well when I use to get them in ’96 and humidity was my enemy to the press. I have found that without chemicals a press does hold better but you must remember humidity is not the BFF of the relaxer. So showers need to be cooler and shorter and always always always wrap and bonnet at night. I had to research youtube to learn to wrap my hair at night, armed with this knowledge I was able to keep a wash/blow/flat iron for 2+ weeks instead of 2-3 days. I love the advice of youtubers kimmaytube and naptural85 and once you find them you will uncover many others whose advice you can mix and match. You will need to play for a while to find what works best for you, don’t get discouraged remember you’ve been doing this your whole life without the result that you were looking for yet you kept trying.
      Good Luck

  6. Rosie Shuy says:

    Hello Lovely Ms. Keisa. For the longest time, I’ve telling my black sisters their hair is unique and special….. just like my Chinese eyes and high cheek bones. I remember back 20+ years ago Ms. Oprah Winfry often used the phrase ‘black is beautiful’…. yet she relaxed her hair and changed it’s natural unique texture. ….. Only a few million people on Earth have this hair texture, and you all are part of this small group. Value who you are as a whole being. This is the base to one’s Manifest power and how well one can manifest their reality. I’m a Manifest coach, I teach people how to Manifest their heart’s desire / goals and dreams. It is a fact that when we carry certain Chi energy we are less effective to manifest what we want / need. It’s a rite of passage when we accept who we are and fully come into ourselves.
    And here you are doing is using your Throat Center (communication Chakra) to help people with clarity. You are giving a pinch of your own Chi energy to others, those who are ready, to change their own frequency. yes, Like my Chinese ancestors said ” Everything is Chi and Chi is in everything”.

  7. Keisha,
    I read your article in last weeks edition of Jet magazine. I’m so happy that finally a mainstream magazine finally picked up on what black are talking about and needing. However, I do have one concern. As a stylist who specializes in textured I see a lack of professional advice. I would love to be able to assist in some way or another. (smile)

    • I think you have a valid point. My seminars ALWAYS include professional stylists. I will email you…let’s talk!!!

  8. Hi Keisa,
    I am one of the co-founders of the Natural Hair and Beauty Expo of Central Florida. We are gearing up for our 2nd expo to be held October 29 & 30, 2011. We feature fabulous workshop speakers such as yourself and we would love to have you present at this years event. Please check out our website for complete details and I am available to speak with you for more info at anytime.
    Hope to hear from you. Yours in Peace Donna

  9. I just read the article in Jet. Will you tell me what products and where to purchase them? I have cut off my hair this week due to so much damage from perms and color. I need to start over. I am 53 with thinning hair. Right now I have my wigs made for me. I would love to grow my hair back and be natural.
    Be Bless

  10. Tonya Morton says:


    I am so happy and blessed to have come upon your website. I have been natural for only six months. During that period and even now, I have been wearing wigs, sew in, and braids. My reason for this transition is to avoid using chemicals (relaxers), that would burn or cause breakage. My relaxed hair would constantly shed, break, and stop growing after reaching a certain length. I have not revealed my natural hair in person, but I have by picture. Although I received many compliments, I’m not completely ready to wear my natural hair freely. My hair is short and kinky and I don’t have a clue of how to manage it daily. I would love to have long healthy natural hair. What are you recommendations (products, maintenance, and grooming)? Also, will braids help with the growing process?

  11. Hi Keisa,

    Right now I am experiencing extreme damage. My hair pops when I detangle it. I mean the strands just break immediately. Also, the ends of my hair are frizzy looking but I am not sure if it is frizz or damaged. How do I know if I need to treat it or cut it off? How can I determine what caused this problem and how long does it take to get damaged hair healty again?

  12. Nichole Thompson says:


    You are indeed inspiring. I took the leap18 months ago and since then I have encourage many women to do the same. I live in Montgomery, Alabama and I would love to host an event, with you as our headliner. My stylist is also encouraging his clients to let the chemicals go. Please inbox me at your earliest, this era is booming in Montgomery and the women are thirsty for knowledge.

    Nichole Thompson

    • Hey Nicole!!! Let’s see what we can do:)

    • Dear Nichole,

      I live in Montgomery and am looking for a natural stylist b/c my relaxer has just about grown out. What is the name of the stylist that you mentioned to Keisa in your message and where can he be found? My hair is somewhat short.

      • You can always come to Birmingham …plus I knew of a Phillip at Howard’s in Montgomery who is still there. I liked him as a stylist!

  13. How are you!? It was wonderful meeting you on Sunday although the meeting was brief..
    Have you had the chance to look at the magazine? Naturally Yours… Your thoughts? You for the next cover? 😉
    I know you’re being swamped with requests and questions, but, I was wondering if YOU would host the Naturally Yours Magazine Gone Live..Part II Hairshow this year? The date has not been set but it will be in the month of August in CenterPoint Ala…
    Please let me know.

    • I have. I love it!!! Would love to help with your event and be featured on your magazine. I will email you or let me know how to contact you:) Thanks and GREAT meeting you:)

  14. See you at the Natural Hairshow in Atlanta!!

  15. Lakeisha says:

    Hi Keisa!

    I have really been giving much thought and prayer about going natural. I’m 34 years old and have been wearing wigs and weaves for years because I have really fine, thin hair and am really thin on the top of my head. All of it is due to hormone levels and will probably never grow back. I’ve been inspired by reading your article in Jet Magazine and by now coming to your blog but I have no idea where or how to start. How can I read about your journey from Day 1? Any information you can share, websites, blogs etc would be SO APPRECIATED! Thank you for being there for us!

    • I am about to publish a getting started manual. Give me a few days to edit it and I will forward your way. I truly am excited for you!!!

  16. Michele M. Christian says:


    I’ve been natural for a couple of years now (the 3rd time around) and I would like to wear Sister Locks. The problem is I’ve not been able to find a Sister Locks technician locally. Would you happen to know any local Sister Locks technicians?

  17. Hello Keisa,
    It is with great pleasure and admiration that I present this invitation to you to become a program participant for the Fall ‘Fro Fashion Week itinerary. You are well respected in the natural hair community and I hope you will be able to share your presence and knowledge at the upscale event of the season.

    You may choose your workshop/speaking time on whatever topic related to natural hair, skin care, fashion, natural hair trends.

    If interested please fill out our workshop request form.

    After your application has been reviewed a staff member will email a confirmation letter response to the email address provided with additional details.

  18. Keisa!
    This meet-up is so on time for me.
    I didn’t do a “BC” instead I grew my hair out in various transition styles for the last 18 months after having my son. I am now FINALLY chemical free! However, I’ve still held out on wearing my little curly fro to work or out with friends, it’s like I’ve become dependent on my half wigs and my ponytails, only to notice that they are doing damage to my hair as well. After much thought, I’ve come to the realization that I’m simply afraid of my own hair, afraid that I won’t know how to style it, afraid that I’ll use the wrong product and damage it more, afraid that I just won’t look right.
    However, today I’ve reached the point where I am just tired…tired of being afraid of everything…so I’m going to visit a new stylist who specializes in Natural Hair Care, I’m actually really excited. I’m not afraid anymore!! I’ve realized that this “new hair” has simplified my life in so many ways, is going to allow me to work out when I want/need too, run out in the rain without an umbrella if I want too, more importantly this “new hair” has allowed me to realize that I need to slow down, take the time to get back to reading and researching what’s important to me…I’ve learned from reading the blogs, watching the videos on youtube that natural hair involves and deserves a lot of TLC…and guess what…I have realized that I do too!!
    I know India Arie says that I am not my hair…but in my world, I really am…and I see that it actually represented so SO MUCH MORE!

  19. Please view my website. I would like to network with you. I have a promotion that would be great for you and me, plus your members. Contact me at WB, Inc.
    [email protected] or 347-743-9367

  20. Please contact me about the FREE promotion for you and your customers.
    [email protected]

  21. Hello Ms. Keisa … i llove my natural hair But i have been struggling for 10 long months with it. I am at a lost with the process i believe that i do need to go to a stylist because i canot manage it my self … its a little dissapointing saying that because i do hair. My natural hair is a task for me its soo dry and brittle i feel that it has more potential than it is showing please help!!!

  22. Toni Roberson says:

    Hello Keisha, my name is Toni Roberson. I live in Greenville, NC and we have what I would say is a medium size Natural Hair Meetup Group that is continously growing. I would like to know if you could be a speaker for one of our Natural Hair Meetups in the near future. I believe that a lot of young ladies would love to hear about your hair journey. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks

    Toni Roberson/[email protected]

  23. Toni Roberson says:

    Hello Keisa. Please forgive me for misspelling your name in my earlier post comment. I hope that this does not discourage you in anyway from considering coming to Greenville, NC to speak with a group of Naturalistas. Thanks

    Toni Roberson

  24. Yogi EC (Eternal Communicator) says:

    Hey Keisa,

    Yogi EC here. First congrats on everything you are doing for women around the world! I am inspired by you and proud of you. I would like to know how I can link in to being a vendor at some of your events. I make custom pained jewelry that I KNOW women from everywhere will love! I also am a performing poet/vocalist/Sign Language artist and I have a book coming out this week! I would love to perform at some of your events as an inspiration to women everywhere. Self love begins inside and I have a gift through words and song that will encourage, inspire and uplift. I am taxiing down the runway to success and growth, I just need some help with take off. I can email you my bio and performance resume’. Also for anyone interested, please checkout my designs on Facebook at Trussme Dezines, I’m posting new product every week. All creations are handpainted and I offer personalized custom designs. Thank you so much Keisa for just being your beautiful, powerful self! I left my phone number on your FB page.

    Continue to be a blessing!

  25. Hi Keisa!

    I was so excited when I discovered your blog and youtube videos. I am originally from Birmingham and remember you as being a newscaster with the short (always cute) hair-do. It completely blew my mind to see that you had made the natural transition – AWESOME!

    I presently reside in Huntsville (Madison), AL and have recently started a youtube channel that focuses on Health and Wellness. I have a zeal to promote health education and awareness within the community. I found myself giving more advice than I actually followed myself and thus, I have now started an exploration of self discovery for myself.

    I am a natural diva as well and would love to work with you on any scale. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the breakfast meet this weekend as my schedule doesn’t permit but I will keep my eyes open for other projects.

    It is a great joy to discover your site.

    Sarita Edwards

  26. How do we sign up for the meetup on July 30 in ATL? Is it too late?

  27. Iika McCarter says:

    Good Afternoon!! I recently had the opportunity to hear you speak in B’ham and I have been thinking seriously about starting a network/group of naturals in my hometown, Columbus, MS and was wondering how to get started. I am newly natural and would love to help others get informed, take that leap of faith, and embrace their natural beauty. Can you give me some advice? And also how to get sponsers? Thanks!…. God bless you and your movement!


  28. Hello Keisa. My name is Sonjilyn Benn. Remember, you hosted a hairshow I did in Tuscaloosa in 2006. I would like for you to check out my website and give me a call. My partner and I have created an all natural haircare line called The Revitalizing Hair Treatment System. I would like to tell you more about our products. Thank you in advance.

  29. Hello Keisa! I stumbled across your site while exploring the internet for help with transitioning to natural hair. I’m an educator who is extremely busy, loves to travel and attend social events. With that being said I need a style that will yield the least amount of maintenance. I’ve never worn my hair natural as an adult and would really love to find a style, product, and hair care specialist who can help me to do so. If you can suggest a natural hair care specialist in Connecticut I would greatly appreciate it. I also noticed that the New England Hair Care Expo is coming up on August 20th in Hartford, CT. Will you be there?

    P.S. I love your hair!!!

  30. Hi Keisa,

    I am hosting a Women’s Health Fair in October, and I love for you to be apart of it. It’s in Birmingham, AL October 22, 2011…. Do you think you would be interested in particapating?

  31. Hello, I really appreciate your webiste and love that you are able to help black women understand and appreciate their natural hair. The New York Times did an article that ran today and interviewed our natural hairs salon and I wanted to share it with you. Please check it out at this link:

  32. Diana Carter says:

    Please email me, Diana Carter in Lima, Ohio , I had talked to you before regarding a party in Ohio.

  33. Hello Keisa,

    I’ve just learned the the Natural Hair New England Expo, Hartford, CT is cancelled. Are you aware of this cancellation? Do you know when and where will is another Natural Hair Expo in New England?

    • I’m sorry Michele…I wasn’t aware it was cancelled. And no, I don’t know of another event planned there for the near future…

  34. Tamara Gainous says:

    Do you know of anyone in Tuscaloosa that specializes in natural hair? Thank you.

    • Hmmmm…I don’t, but I know a young lady by the name of Kenya Goodson who’d know. You can look up her group on Facebook…it’s called Natural Daze. It’s a natural hair support group.

    • I have a contact who does. I will forward your email. Her name is Kenya Goodson and she created Natural Daze support group. Look it up on Facebook, by typing in Natural Daze.

  35. Hi Keisa!

    I am a manager at a upscale consignment and vintage boutique in Birmingham, Al. I recently heard you on the radio advertising a natural hair event you hosted at the North Birmingham Library. I would like to extend the opportunity to you to host an event at our Boutique. We will provide refreshments and drinks, as well as discounts to the people who stop by. If you are interested please email me or call the store at 205-383-5164.

    Our aim is to cultivate a sense of community and support within Birmingham! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Peace and Blessings,

    Dee Thomas
    dTrespa Consignment Boutique

  36. Sheryl Anderson-Sommons says:

    Hi Keisa, I will be attending the seminar in Birmingham on the 17th of September. I need advice on my natural hair, such as products and a stylist, loving my natural hair. I will see you next Saturday

  37. Hi Keisa!

    I would like to extend an invitation for you to present your workshop at Gulf Coast Naturals 2012 Fierce.Fly.Fabulous event, taking place in New Orleans during the weekend of the Essence Music Festival. If you are interested in learning more about our event, please contact me via email.

    I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you in advance for your kind consideration of participation in our event.

    Kindest Regards,

    Stephanie Dickerson
    Gulf Coast Naturals Founder/Organizer

  38. Hi Keisa! I am so excited to have found your website and admire all you do to educate and encourage women with natural hair to maintain beauty and confidence. I have recently started Loc Inspirations where we specialize in a Loc and Braid Styling Workshop taking women step by step through dozens of beautiful styles that can be done in 15 mins or less. ( I have the drive and enthusiasm for my Styling Classes but am having a hard time getting people to actually show up. Do you have any suggestions for how I can increase awareness and attendance for my workshop?

  39. Hey Keisa! I wanted to invite you to be a guest speaker at my small but elegant Natural Hair Show. It is set for Feb.12, 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama. I would love it if you could come and speak at the event. I am having this event to support a local non profit charity. You can email me or even give me a call at (205) 240- 8105 B.A.D.( Braids & Dreads) by Vee Direct Line, please feel free to leave a message! Thanks!

  40. Hello Keisa,

    We would like for you and the beautiful group of young ladies you represent to come out and participate in the Natural Hair and Health Expo on March 11, 2012 at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center in Birmingham, AL from 12pm-6pm. I have emailed Martha and yourself inviting you to the event as well as left a voicemail message for Darius Peace at his contact number. Please get back with me concerning this event as we would love to have you participate as a vendor. I truly look forward to speaking with you soon

    Thank you

  41. Karen Gore says:

    Hey Keisa,
    I love your site..I’m organizing a natural haircare workshop in my hometown of Columbus, MS. I would love to feature you as a guest speaker to share your natural journey. Would love to talk with you more about it. When possible, please contact me via email. Thanks!


    Karen Gore

  42. Beautiful Queens and Kings !

    We invite you to join the FROBRUARY Movement .

    Go Natural during the Black History Month, Because you are Beautiful !*

    The Goal of the Frobruary project is to raise awareness around the identity issues related to hair in the black community. February… ? No ! It’s Frobruary ! During the Black History Month we invite you all to proudly wear you natural hair ! Let them GROW, let them FRO ! Because you are BEAUTIFULl ! *************…

  43. I would love to have you as one of the guest speakers at a hair expo I’m having in Decatur, Al. Please contact me via email to discuss the details!

  44. Hi

    I am really trying to be creative with my natural style. I have Medium size loose curls. My problem is that i have worn my hair straight and parted in the middle for so long that my part is still there. my curls fall to the sides of my face and i would like them to flow evenly around my head. what do you suggest i use at the top? i was thinking of some type of clip. Also what sites would you recommed for larger curls. i need styles.

    thank you

    • I would suggest a site called They have style suggestions for EVERY hair type and curl pattern. If that doesn’t help, I’d literally google “medium size loose curls” or “style ideas for loose curls” and see what pulls up. Play with a couple of variations. Also…do the same search in Youtube. They have great how to’s for a variety of curl patterns.

  45. keisha , i’m wearing the two strain dry twist. I used “Cornrow Magic Cream” with my twist. This product is discontinued. There is a kids product, but not like the one I had been using. Are you aware of a similar product? I loved the product, my hair stayed for weeks, no fizz. I am thinking about getting Sister Locks. I live in Montogery, Alabanma. have not fount a certified consultant.
    Thanl You,

  46. Bridgette says:

    I did the big chop in 2011 but have experienced a lot of breakage. Can you recommend a good natural hair stylist in Huntsville, AL?

    • I do not know a good natural hair stylist in Huntsville, Al but I know someone who does. Her name is Stephanie Haynes Banks…amd she organized a meetup in your city. I’d start googling names of natural hair stylists in Huntsville, too and asking around. You’ll find one soon.

  47. Hi Keisa,

    Thank you for EVERYTHING you are doing in the natural hair community. We certainly appreciate you :). If you happen to be in the Raleigh, NC area the weekend of May 4-5, 2012, please join us for Loving Your Hair With Natural Care featuring Felicia Leatherwood. We’d certainly LOVE to have you attend.

    Keep inspiring!!


    • Thanks Moni!! I won’t be in town, but I appreciate you and will definitely keep that in mind!!!
      Continued success to you:)

  48. My name is Yazmyne West, 21 years old, and I am a college student studying Advertising and Graphic Design. I will be graduating May 17, 2012 with my Associates in Applied Science. I am the creator of a small group called Team Natural Hair. Team Natural Hair was created for all women who wear and share their ideas/ways of taking care of their natural hair.

    I realized one day that there are hardly ever any events held in Fayetteville for the many natural women here. So I’ve decided to be the first to do that. This summer I am having an event that will be held in my area, Fayetteville, NC. I am writing to see if you are willing to come speak at my event. The planned date for this event is June 30th, 2012 at 3pm.

    If you would like more information, you are free to contact me at (910) 977-2569 or email me at [email protected]. I have a Facebookpage and My website is currently under construction.
    Your sponsorship in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support!

    Thank you,
    Yazmyne West

    • Thanks for the invite. Let me check my schedule.
      Is Skype an option for us for this meetup??? That’d be huge!!!

  49. Kimo Johnson says:

    I would love for you to come speak at my event!! Lets discuss offline! Thanks!

    Kimo Johnson

  50. Tina Cope says:

    Hello Ms. Sharpe. I have wanted to contact you since I read the article in Jet Magazine dated March 21, 2911. I love my natural hair and have worn it for 9 years. However, I do have trouble keeping in moist enough to not dry so easily. Before Dudley Products discontinued in Greensboro, N.C., I was using their moisturizer for natural hair and it made my hair easier to manage. I heard on television about a product called “moisturizer pudding” that would do the same thing. Do you know about this product, and if not is it possible for you to help me with the name of a product that would help. Thank you for your assistance.

    • Tina…there are several products that are “moisturizer puddings.” But, I’ve found to keep my hair moist, soft and supple, I rely on good old Shea butter and olive/castor/coconut oil. It keeps my hair moist, soft and gives a nice sheen. I’m a big fan of Carol’s Daughter products and also Shea Moisture…but I’d suggest simply keeping a nice oil on your hair (olive, sweet almond, castor, coconut) along with Shea butter daily. The results will AMAZE you!

  51. Hi Keisha, I work for a large women’s beauty and hairstyle related website called I simply wanted to know if would be interested in a content contribution?


  52. Ashley Emery says:

    Hello I am organizing a meetup day for August 11,2012 in long beach CA. I am looking for some speakers and wanted to extended an invitation to you.

    • Hey Ashley! I’m working on a photo shoot that day! Let’s talk about meeting up at a later date!

  53. Hi Keisa,

    Thanks for your encouraging and supportive efforts and all that you do in the Natural Hair Community. Kudos to you and keep up the great work!!!

    I am a neo-soul singer and I’ve embraced my natural hair all the curls and kinks. I wrote a song about loving natural hair and it’s gotten some attention in the blogosphere. Because of this, I will actually be on tour this October and my theme is The Natural GIrl Tour where I will be performing The Natural Hair Song among other original tunes. Among the tour stops is a performance scheduled in a natural hair salon in Nashville, as well as at a Natural Hair Expo in Tunica, MS. If you are planning any events during the first week in October or any time in the future, I would love to work with you on entertainment needs.

    My website is

    Thanks Keisa and best wishes to you.

  54. Ms Keisa,

    Hello. It’s been over two months since I’ve relaxed my hair. I currently have a weave sew in. What’s the very next step after I take it out?


    • Tessa, I’d say get a good shampoo and conditioner, trim your ends, and consider allowing a professional stylist work with it a few times. Really baby your hair after it comes out of tree braids.
      I hope this helps!

  55. Timeka T. Griggs says:


    Hi! I am an inventor in the Greater Birmingham area. I will be hosting a small natural hair expo in my hair area. It will feature new to the world products for natural hair. Also, we will be introducing a new transitioning cream system for those coming out of relaxers. It contains all natural products and no synthetic materials.

    I don’t have the date as of yet. But I will keep you posted!

    I love your blog!!

  56. Hi. I really want to transition from relaxed to my natural hair. I have not found very much information on how to do this without cutting off all my length. Are there other options and if so, what are they? I am on a healthy living journey and this is my next step. I exercise 3-4 times a week and want a more healthier way of caring for my hair without the relaxer. Thanks for your assistance. Be blessed!

  57. Hi.

    Im reaching out to fellow lovers of NATURAL HAIR to make you aware
    of a powerful new advocate to the movement!!

    Michael Logic sings a Tribute to the Natural Woman in …..

    **Little Miss Fuzzy Head**

    (mobile friendly)


  58. Tonia Nicole Love says:

    I’ve had my natural hair done by sylist and they all say the same thing, i have the hair and head shape for modeling hair. I am looking for the opportunity to show off my styles to the public. Because sometime natural is best and healthy for hair. Please give me the opportunity to shine just like my hair.

  59. Hi,
    I noticed that you knew of natural stylists in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. I was wondering if you knew of any stylist in the Dothan, Enterprise, Ozark, or Daleville areas?

  60. I would like to purchase a hard copy of the guide book… What steps must I take?

    • and type in An Easy Natural Hair Care Guide…or follow the link off of my site @

  61. Ends help, please!

    I’ve been natural for almost two years, and still have issues with getting my ends just right. My hair is probably just past my shoulders, but shrinks especially in the back to above my shoulders. Seems like lately my wash & go’s tend to come out looking like the pyramid style of the Dilbert’s Alice. I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have!

    • That’s a tough one because I too deal with a lot of shrinkage. I talked to a stylist today…who recommended I use a mousse…comb it through small sections and let it dry. It will give a great wash and go curl style for the day…but with my type 4b hair..I don’t know how long it would hold beyond that. I just tend to not do wash and go’s as my first choice…I braid, two strand twist and such. There’s not much you can do about shrinkage, but if you find a product that reduces shrinkage…please let me know too!

  62. Stacee Fairley says:

    Hello Kesia. I received your name from Sheena Moore who will be presenting at my hair meet up next Sunday, December 2, 2012. I know this is short notice but if there is any way possible could you briefly come and speak at my event. It will be held at Ross Bridge Town Hall with 100 in attendance. My email address is [email protected] and my number is 205-789-4682. Thank you and please let me know if this would be possible.

  63. Hey keisa, l have natural hair right now very coarse. Been natural since 4 1/2 yrs. l twist my hair sometimes 2 strand twist l really need help on what product to use like shampoos, conditioner. l don’t want to give up and go back to perm please help.

    • The products question I get often and it may take a little while to get your right mix. I’d say visit your local beauty store and look for a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. There are many out there, but, what will work with your hair…just not certain. Do you have a friend who’s natural? Ask her to use some of her products so you won’t do what I and most other naturals have done…spend major money on trying products. I’m personally a big fan of co-washing and VO5 conditioners are the best for me. But I do like a good shampoo…and I’m honestly still searching for the best one. I’d encourage you to do pre-shampoo conditioner with Shea and olive oil, or my product All Shea Naturals. You can sit under a dryer with this on…then shampoo with a sulfate free product.
      Then…look for products which are designed for natural hair to style. I like mousses and gels to set my curls/waves.

  64. Denise Smith says:

    Keisa a few years ago I attended a show of yours at the Homewood Alabama Library. Then I contacted you about 2 years ago about doing a show at the Tuscaloosa Library but the timing wasn’t good. Now I’m back to ask if you would come and do a show in the Summer of 2013 here at the Tuscaloosa Library for the Summer Reading Program? I know it would be popular. I have many ask about my natural hair which has been this way for 25 years. I never miss an opportunity to tell them about your “natural movement.” My E-mail is [email protected] or [email protected]. The phone here is 205.345.5820. Thank you. I hope we can partner and have a successful meeting of the minds.

  65. wanda davis says:

    Hi Keisha, I’ve finally made the decision to go full natural but I’m not sure where to begin. I haven’t had a relaxer in my hair for a lil over a year. I’ve been either wearing a weave or braids. Do I still have to do the big chop or can i go for just a trim? What is your suggestion for my initial phase of my journey from micros to wearing it out? Any help you could give me or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    • You don’t have to do the big chop. You can gradually trim back until all of the relaxed hair is gone.

  66. Hi Keisha,

    I saw your post on kijiji and i was wondering if you do dread maintenance?



  67. Keisa-
    I happened upon your web site by chance. I am looking for great natural salon in Huntsville AL. I stopped relaxing my hair May 2012 and did the BC in December 2012. I really do love my natural hair, however, as it growing it has hit that stage where I can not seem to find a good go to style. I really want it to grow but I can manage it better when it is shorter. Do you have any advice on growing out my natural hair. I am no into the hair typing. In the crown of my head I have tighter curls, the back has large loose curls. My hair maintains moisture quite well. Thansk for any advise, help and encouragement you can provide.

    • You could go a couple of ways. You could grow it out…keeping it trimmed and styled in natural hair friendly “do’s.” A really good stylist could help you, unfortunately, I don’t know of any good hairstylists in Huntsville. You could also wear a wig in the interim…keeping it protected underneath, but I’d recommend this as ONLY a short term solution…as in 3-6 months.

  68. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with a few pics to drive
    the message home a bit, but other than that,
    this is excellent blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.

  69. Do you have any recommendations for stylists in Birmingham that focus in healthy natural hair using quality products?

  70. Gabrielle says:

    Hello Keisa,

    I am 17 years old and I am trying SOO hard to grow out my hair. I have never had a perm but I have been getting my hair flatironed ever since I was 11. I have major breakage and shedding; I also have thin hair so when I do twist outs and stuff my hair never look nice and full. I have wavy loose ends that pass my shoulders but when my hair dries my roots are ROUGH *lol* but my ends are still wavy and soft. I’m not sure if its because of the heat manipulation but as a child I had thick pretty curly hair but now all of that has changed. Even when I go to my hair dresser to get a trim I leave the salon with a head of split ends!!! I was just wondering if you have any advice for me, because Lord knows I need help with my hair (I can’t manage to make a bun, and I start college in a few months smh) Please help!!

    Thank you 🙂

    • Is it possible that you will have to start over by getting a significant cut or trim? I know you want to hold onto your hair, but you may have damaged it with all of the heat over the years. If you’re not comfortable with that I understand, but I do want you to have healthy hair. Success to you…

  71. Thank you for spreading the positive message of natural living, acceptance and wellbeing. Please watch “My Nappy ROOTS” trailer, would love to bring the feature out for a screening:


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    Hello, it’s Rhonda Ray and I wanted to share our next Natural Hair Expo event with you and your LA readers. It’s The 2nd Annual Afrolicious Hair Affair Expo on Sunday November 10th. Event will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Please copy flyer from event website if you like. The event website is:
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  73. Neka Rudolph says:

    Hello My name is Neka and I am a hairstylist/owner here in Montgomery AL and I will be holding my first hair and fashion show here in the city April 19,2015 at 3 pm.I would love for you to come and be a guest spokes person about natural hair.If this would be something that you would be interested in doing please contact me and we can discus it further and your fees.Thank you in [email protected]com

  74. Hello,
    It’s Rhonda Ray with the Afrolicious Hair Expo in Los Angeles. I wanted to share this Natural Hair event with you and your
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